PHP Application

PHP in today’s world is synonymous with functionality, customizable and interactive web applications. It is also an open source technology, meaning its available free of costs under an open source license. As a server side scripting language, the popularity of PHP applications has risen steadily over the past few years, making it a choice favourite for many. Additionally, unlike .NET and Java, PHP supports a lot of databases like Oracle and MySQL, making it an extremely resourceful tool for web application development. The debugging methods are also a lot less complicated and time consuming when it comes to PHP, making it all the more preferable.

PHP Development, Functional & Interactive Web Apps

The benefits of using PHP to develop your web applications are nearly limitless. For starters, it’s a free technology, making it cost-effective for both big and small businesses to invest in, as the only costs come from development. Apart from this, PHP based applications can be developed to incorporate Java in them, thereby providing a better user experience.

  • A large community of developers that collectively advance the technology.
  • Continuous updates from community keeps it enhanced in terms of functionality.
  • Open Source license, which reduces development costs.
  • Comes with support for multiple platforms.

Our Services

KeyCus boasts dedicated PHP web developers who are consummate in the art of creating a myriad of compelling PHP based web applications. With the best and latest tools in the world of PHP, our programmers ensure that clients receive the very best, irrespective of the size and scope of the project.

Advantages with KeyCus

KeyCus has a highly skilled and experienced team of developers who are more than capable of executing small to large scale PHP projects, while remaining consistent with the latest trends and technologies of PHP.

  • Dedicated PHP developers & programmers.
  • Core competency in PHP web development.
  • Years of experience in providing PHP solutions.
  • Focus on all major PHP technologies.


PHP Yii development is the shortened acronym for “Yes it is!”. With the increased popularity of PHP and its vast open source community, the Yii framework has been advanced as one of the fastest, most professional and secure frameworks to use in a PHP project. While Yii works with projects of all sizes and scopes, it has recently been developed to work best for enterprise applications.

Incorporate PHP Yii Framework for Faster and More Secure Web Development

With Yii, the developers and programmers are given maximum control in terms of project configuration while conforming to feasible enterprise development guidelines. Thanks to its open-source nature, Yii presents the developers with tool kits that ensure the smooth testing and debugging of applications. Additionally, Yii also features concise and comprehensive documentation support that increases its popularity.

  • Fastest & more secure PHP framework
  • Comprehensive extension library
  • Highly detailed documentation
  • AJAX enabled widgets integrated into the framework

Our Services

The PHP Yii framework has revolutionized the world of web application development ever since its introduction in 2008. We, picked up the Yii framework due the immense promise it delivered and are now highly proficient in its workings. KeyCus offers all levels of enterprise PHP Yii solutions for both large and small businesses:

  • PHP Yii Web Development
  • PHP Yii Application Development
  • PHP Yii Customization Services
  • PHP Yii Integration Services

Advantages with KeyCus

With years of experience in the field of Yii development and integration, KeyCus is a leading expert for web applications on the Yii framework. We cater to a vast number of clients that can testify to our expertise and resourcefulness while developing Yii based web applications.

  • Dedicated PHP Yii developers & programmers.
  • Core competency in PHP Yii web application development.
  • Highly competitive pricing packages for open source technologies.
  • Years of experience working with PHP Yii framework.

PHP Zend

The PHP Zend framework has often been regarded as one of the best PHP frameworks in terms of web application development. A choice favourite of both, developers and clients, the PHP Zend framework is an open source platform that lets developers engineer highly versatile web applications while at the same time providing them with a rich and scalable feature base.

Like many open source technologies of this platform, the Zend framework is continuously updated by a vast community of contributors that help expand its functionality and versatility. The Zend framework is a popular choice mostly due to its modular nature, its functionally rich features and most of all its enterprise oriented approach.

PHP Zend – For High Performance Enterprise Web Applications

Similar to most open source software, the Zend framework has climbed the ladder to popularity from the ground up. This is mostly due to the vast amount of competitive and salient features it has to offer both small and large scale business projects.

  • Extensive compilation of libraries.
  • Supports various database platforms like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
  • Extensible MVC implementation supporting layouts and PHP-based templates.
  • Versatile caching sub-system that supports various back-ends.

Our Services

KeyCus have delivered several highly lucrative projects to clients. Our PHP Zend developers are extremely proficient and experienced at the task of creating scalable and robust applications.

  • PHP Zend Web Development
  • PHP Zend Application Development
  • PHP Zend Customization Services
  • PHP Zend Integration Services

Advantages with KeyCus

With years of experience in the field of PHP Zend development and integration, KeyCus has come a long way from starting its work on the Zend framework, to grasping its functionality in a comprehensive way. Working with KeyCus for your Zend development needs provides you with the following advantages.

  • Dedicated PHP Zend developers & programmers.
  • Core competency in PHP Zend web application development.
  • Highly competitive pricing packages for open source technologies.
  • Years of experience working with PHP Zend framework.

Cake PHP

Easily the top ranking framework in the PHP arsenal, Cake PHP is a highly favored framework for the development and integration of web applications and is preferred by a maximum number of both, developers and website owners. The reason for the popularity of CakePHP lies in its ability to help developers build websites quickly and with very little configuration requirements. Additionally, Cake PHP comes with a set of MVC conventions that allows developers free reign during the development process. The framework also offers a vast number of options like translations, database access, authentication, etc, all built directly into the MVC framework for easy, fast and reliable web application development.

CakePHP Development – Faster, Simpler & Affordable

A current favorite for web application development, CakePHP is a choice recommended by many developers around the world. When it comes to the development and integration of websites, very few frameworks can match the features of Cake PHP. Here are a few of the features that make Cake PHP stand out.

  • Compatibility with all versions of PHP
  • Enhanced bootstrap process for increased control and performance
  • Open source license reduces development costs
  • Simpler coding process makes debugging easier and faster
  • Highly customizable elements increase the versatility of the framework

Our Services

KeyCus has worked on several large and small Cake PHP projects over the past years. This has allowed us to not only further our expertise in the field; it has also ensured that our developers remain in constant touch with the Cake PHP community to enhance their skill. KeyCus offers Cake PHP services around the following fronts.

  • Cake PHP Web Development
  • Cake PHP Extension Development
  • Cake PHP Customization & Integration
  • Cake PHP CMS Development
  • Cake PHP Shopping Cart Development
  • Cake PHP Extension Development

Advantages with KeyCus

KeyCus is a leading force in the area of Cake PHP development services and has years of experience in the development of websites using the Cake PHP framework. Working with us for your Cake PHP needs ensures that your project is handled by our dedicated team of Cake PHP developers who are highly skilled, proficient and have worked on several large Cake PHP projects.

  • Dedicated Cake PHP experts.
  • Core competency in PHP development.
  • Experience of many Cake PHP projects.
  • Highly competitive pricing packages.


CodeIgniter was developed specifically for the task of taking away the complexity of PHP programming and offering elegantly simple solutions in its place. After more than 8 years since its initial release, CodeIgniter has made a name for itself as the PHP based web application framework that let’s developers create vastly elegant and simple solutions with greater performance and lower costs. Apart from these salient features, CodeIgniter is also praised for its ultra high performance and being the fastest PHP based platform for web applications. If you are the kind of person who prefers simple, elegant and high performance PHP solutions over bulky and complex frameworks, CodeIgniter might just be what you are looking for.

CodeIgniter Application Development – Simple, Fast & Elegant

CodeIgniter has caught the attention of the crowd primarily due to its ability to help develop dynamic and highly functional websites without the hassle of large undocumented libraries or restrictive coding rules. This PHP based framework is easy to use, fast and most importantly has exceptional performance and is highly compatible with standard hosting. Additionally, the CodeIgniter framework has been developed to ensure that the development process is extremely fast since the developers do not have to write out the code from scratch.

  • Exceptional performance with clear, concise and thorough documentation
  • Simple programming process with no restrictive coding
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs for better rankings
  • Wide range of compatibility options with standard hosting
  • Simple & user-friendly debugging process

Our Services

KeyCus expertly utilizes the powerful performance capabilities of CodeIgniter to create highly functional and elegantly simple PHP based websites. We consider PHP development to be our forte and it is one of our core competencies largely due to our vast years of experience in the PHP framework.

Our CodeIgniter development services are based on the following fronts:

  • Custom CodeIgniter development services
  • CodeIgniter application development services
  • API & library development services
  • Performance optimization services
  • Support and maintenance services

Advantages with KeyCus

We at KeyCus love providing our clients with clean, concise and cost-effective solutions with powerful capabilities. This is precisely the reason why we have grown to love and master CodeIgniter.

  • Years of experience working with CodeIgniter
  • Extensive support & maintenance on CodeIgniter projects
  • Dedicated and motivated CodeIgniter developers
  • Highly competitive pricing packages