When it comes to apps, very few devices can utilize them like the iPad. This mean machine has been equipped with a hardware framework to provide an unparallel user experience. And this is the reason why iPad apps are increasing in demand at an unprecedented rate. Gone are the days where iPhone apps could simply be upscaled and handed to the iPad screen. People are used to perfection and nothing less than that will satisfy them.

Get Yourself an iPad App, Broaden Your User Base

With the iPad now consolidating its own dedicated following, it is time to consider exactly how much benefit you can receive from a native iPad app. Up-scaling an iPhone app for use on the iPad will no longer get you anywhere as people have realized the iPad’s powerful capabilities and want to take advantage of them. iPad users now account for more than 28% of all Apple iOS users. Take advantage of this fact to increase the scope of your business. The KeyCus iPad App Development program offers:

  • Apps that utilize the iPad’s powerful mechanics.
  • Multi-genre applications.
  • iPad App development for both large & small budgets.
  • Connectivity to an increasing group of iPad users

 Our Services

We have always done our very best when it comes to understanding out clients needs and creating a rapport with them. With that view, we strive to provide iPad Apps on the following fronts in order to better serve our clients:

  • Business Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Sports Applications
  • Themes and Icons
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Sales Applications
  • Money Management Tool Development
  • Educational Applications
  • Traveling and Booking Applications
  • Weather Based Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Health & Fitness Applications
  • Lifestyle Applications