Cross Platform Development

The global mobile market is currently seeing a lot of players in the field. We have market giants like Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and many more competing with each other by coming up with new products and ideas. This leaves business who wish to capitalize on this trend, in a bit of a quandary. Which platform should one select for the development and deployment of an app? What if your target audience is spread over various platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, etc? Developing dedicated applications over all the platforms is a costly and time consuming task. This is where Cross Platform app development comes in.

PhoneGap App Development

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. the need for cross platform app development has shot up to a new high.

Business growth in today’s world is based on mobility. Mobility has several platforms to choose from, all with their own dedicated following. Opting for one platform alone means you lose the potential customer base of the other platforms. On the other hand, opting for all the platforms is not something everyone’s wallet appreciates. PhoneGap helpfully provides a financially sensible alternative to this – A mobile app on all the platforms, for the price of one.

Incorporate PhoneGap, Target More Customers

With more and more people going mobile, the popularity of PhoneGap as a cost-effective and highly functional platform in on the rise. This has led to a rise in the demand for expert PhoneGap developers and programmers. The KeyCus PhoneGap program offers:

  • Cross-Platform apps on PhoneGap
  • Custom PhoneGap development services
  • Increased customer base through hybrid app development
  • Access to all platforms, for the price of one

Our Services 

PhoneGap has been a pioneer in its field and we are constantly on the outlook for such technologies. Picking it up early has helped us establish a firm hand in the development of mobile applications on the PhoneGap platform and has resulted in several satisfied clients. We have at our disposal several highly proficient PhoneGap specific developers.

We offer PhoneGap based development services on the following fronts:

  • Custom PhoneGap Development
  • PhoneGap Game Development
  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Testing and Migration to Mobile Platforms
  • PhoneGap eCommerce Development
  • PhoneGap Plug-ins Development

Sencha Touch Application Development

Sencha Touch is the lovechild of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with a view to allow developers to engineer HTML5 based mobile applications for cross platform functionality. The Sencha framework has the unique ability to leverage the features of the above mentioned technologies and is quickly becoming a favoured framework of many developers. Considering todays extensive and versatile use of smartphones, it is imperative for businesses to ensure their app can run on all popular mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, Java, Windows, etc. Sencha Touch makes this possible, while also lending a high level of flexibility and optimization to the applications.

 Sencha Touch, Globalize Your Reach

The global smartphone user base is split between market giants like iPhone, Android, Windows, etc. Targeting all of these users is an absolute necessity for increased growth and development. It is precisely for this need that Sencha Touch has been created and is flourishing. The KeyCus Sencha Touch program offers:

  • Increased customer base through hybrid app development
  • Ability to launch the app without approval from native marketplaces
  • Access to all platforms, for the price on one
  • Cross-Platform apps using Sencha Touch

 Our Services 

In our efforts to provide maximum value and satisfaction, we have always strived to connect our customers with the latest technology. In light of this, KeyCus has perfected the development of Sencha Touch framework and boasts several Sencha proficient developers & programmers with a flair for creativity and innovation.

We offer Sencha Touch based development services on the following fronts:

  • Sencha Touch Game Development
  • Sencha Touch App Development
  • Custom Sencha Touch Development
  • Testing and Migration Sencha Touch Services
  • Sencha Touch eCommerce Development

Adobe AIR Application Development

Adobe AIR also Adobe Integrated Runtime is a cross-platform web application development tool created by Adobe Inc. that utilizes the power of HTML, AJAX and Flex to create web based applications that let users interact with Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and websites without the need for a web browser.

Adobe AIR is quite easily one of the most flexible and versatile cross-platform development tools. The AIR SDK can be used to develop applications for nearly everything from desktops to tablets, television, tablets, smartphones, etc. Additionally, applications developed using Adobe AIR are browser independent, which means they do not require a web browser to operate.

 Adobe AIR Development

There are several reasons to consider using Adobe AIR for your cross-platform app development needs. For starters, it’s fast, powerful and secure which translates to better quality apps and lower development costs. What’s more, with AIR, deployment is quick and the brand image is enhanced thanks to RIAs.

  • Convenience of running without the need for a browser
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Highly flexible with multi-platform support
  • Access to all platforms, for the price of one

 Our Services 

At Keycus, we believe in making things as simple and easy for clients, as is possible. With Adobe Integrated Runtime, we provide a wide range of services backed by our years of AIR experience and innovative and talented team of developers.

We offer Adobe AIR app development services on the following fronts:

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development Services
  • Mobile and Desktop App Development Services
  • Offline Application Development Services
  • Action script Development Services