Magento eCommerce Development and Design

If you are looking for the perfect eCommerce development tool, chances are, you are thinking of Magento. Started in 2007, Magento was purchased by eBay 3 short years after its creation. This speaks volumes about Magento’s importance in the eCommerce world. An exceedingly resourceful tool, Magento provides a wealth of benefits to those who wish to use it as a developmental tool for their eCommerce website or Magento store. Magento comes under an open source license which means it has one of the largest community of users and developers who constantly keep the tool updated. Unlike traditional eCommerce development software, Magento is extremely cost-effective and being an open source tool, it is highly feature-rich and has a vast open source community behind it.

Magento Development – For eCommerce Stores of the Future

More than any other feature, Magento is renowned for its vast functionality, comprehensive analysis, product management and payment systems. An eCommerce store built on the Magento platform enjoys the benefit of being versatile, feature rich and has the support of a constantly growing open source community. This and many additional salient features have made Magento a choice favorite when it comes to the development of eCommerce stores. Here are a few advantages to Magento store development:

  • Assorted range of functionalities
  • Huge open source community for support
  • Low development costs
  • SEO friendly website store
  • Manage multiple stores at a time
  • Highly flexible customization capabilities

 Our Services

Keycus has been a keen contributor to the Magento cause since its inception and has a variety of services to offer its customers for their Magento store development. We cater to both large and small businesses for the setup of their Magento e-shop. Being able to reconcile brand image and growth with technically proficient Magento based solutions is a specialty of ours and we pull all the stops to ensure that your online store will lack in nothing.

Our Magento development services revolve around the following fronts:

  • Magento Mobile App
  • Custom Magento Website Design
  • Custom Magento development
  • Magento installation and configuration
  • Magento extension development
  • Magento Store/eCommerce Development
  • PSD to Magento Conversion
  • Magento support and maintenance

Zen Cart Ecommerce Development

Zen Cart packages the best of both, an online shopping system and a content management system to boost the development of eCommerce stores. The Zen Cart online store management system utilizes the power of PHP, MySQL and HTML to provide users with a fast, secure and feature rich framework for the development and integration of their online eCommerce store. While it may lack a bit on functionality as compared to a few other eCommerce tools, what it lacks for in functionality, it more than makes up for in speed and simplicity. Additionally, Zen Cart offers one of the best front and back-end experience for the users.

Zen Cart Development – Fast, Simple and Affordable

Zen Cart, originally an offshoot of osCommerce achieved independence in 2003 and has grown exponentially since then. It is the preferred eCommerce development tool for a large number of businesses who rely on it for the setting up of fast, effective and reliable online stores. It is also free for download under the GNU General Public License, making it very affordable as the only costs incurred are in its development. Here are a few reasons to choose Zen Cart as your eCommerce development tool:

  • User-friendly shopping cart system with rich user experience
  • Large variety of payment options and modules
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Pre-packaged with an extensive array of marketing tools for social platforms
  • Secure check-out and billing options

Our Services

Like any industry-leading solutions provider, Keycus provides a large variety of services for customers wishing to utilize the power of Zen Cart for the development and integration of their online shopping portal. eCommerce development is one of our core competencies and we excel at providing tailor-made solutions that are unique to the needs of the business and it’s owners.

Our Zen Cart development services are based around the following fronts:

  • Zen Cart setup and installation services
  • Zen Cart development services
  • Zen Cart SEO services
  • Zen Cart design services
  • Zen Cart module customization and integration
  • Zen Cart maintenance and support services

OpenCart Development

OpenCart is quite simply a PHP based online shopping cart that has made a name for itself in the world of eCommerce development tools. The biggest advantages to using OpenCart for your e-shop development needs is that it is powerful, feature rich and user friendly. Like most traditional open source software, OpenCart is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is free for download. While it is one of the easiest and most user-friendly eCommerce development tools available today, utilizing it to its maximum potential for increased satisfaction requires a tried and tested development process and strategy. Additionally, using OpenCart as a development tool for your e-store ensures that users receive several key benefits.

OpenCart Development – Powerful Yet Simple

OpenCart has become quite popular in recent times largely thanks to its easy setup and installation features and high user-friendliness. This free eCommerce tool comes with thorough documentation, has no limitation on the number of categories, offers multiple templates, languages, currencies and many other salient features. Yet another outstanding feature of OpenCart is that it generates 3 different kinds of reports, namely; Sales Report, Products Viewed and Products Purchased. This feature effectively helps store owners optimize their products and services for better revenue generation.

  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Large variety of payment options and modules
  • User-friendly shopping cart system with rich user experience
  • Secure check-out and billing options
  • Generates per day, week and month reports for store optimization

Our Services 

Keycus offers a wide range of services on the open source eCommerce platform. This is the part of providing IT solutions that we are exceptionally good at and consider to be our core competency. We are more than aware that we have very unique clients with unique business ideas and requirements. It is for this reason that we maintain the maximum possible level of flexibility in the solutions we offer.

Our OpenCart solutions and services are based on the following fronts:

  • OpenCart setup and installation services
  • OpenCart development services
  • OpenCart SEO services
  • OpenCart design services
  • OpenCart module customization and integration
  • OpenCart maintenance and support services

Shopify Development

Ever since its inception in 2006, Shopify has been considered one of the best eCommerce tools for small to mid-sized businesses. The beauty of Shopify lies in its ability to provide its users with a wide assortment of features while keeping it simple, effective and user-friendly. This eCommerce tool offers features like order & product management, content management and payment gateway integration for your online store. Shopify has been around for a good while and is quiet easily one of the best eCommerce development tools for a first-time entrepreneur.

Shopify Development 

Shopify is a tool that puts user-friendliness and effectivity before everything else. The tool provides you all the features that you require in order to create and operate the perfect online store. Built on the Ruby on Rails platform, Shopify also lets entrepreneurs design, develop and manage their online store without the prerequisite of complex programming skills. Yet another reason to utilize the power of Shopify is to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory and product shelves.

  • Easy, quick and reliable
  • Highly customizable template designs
  • Built on the Ruby on Rails platform
  • SEO friendly

Our Services 

KeyCus provides various services catering to your Shopify needs and requirements. While Shopify itself provides users with a simple and easy setup, design and development process, the online market is flooded with such online stores. We offer you the chance to let us help you develop your store in a way that ensures your store has a completely unique look and feel to ensure great user experience and SEO friendly features for maximum online visibility.

Our Shopify development services are based around the following fronts:

  • Shopify setup and development services
  • Custom template design services
  • Shopify SEO services
  • Support and maintenance

Drupal Ubercart Development

UberCart is essentially an eCommerce plug-in module for the Drupal content management system (CMS). It is distributed, free of charge, under the GNU General Public License and is a very popular tool for online store development. UberCart offers entrepreneurs the chance to develop an online store that relies on the power of Drupal for a quality user experience. Launched in 2006, UberCart currently has over 50,000 installations making it an extremely popular eCommerce development option.

Drupal UberCart Development – Harness the Power of Drupal

One of the biggest advantages offered by UberCart to enterprising businessmen is that it is an extension of the Drupal CMS. This lets users leverage some very unique features from the Drupal platform to enhance the functionality of UberCart. Apart from being powered by Drupal, UberCart also offers its users heightened levels of configurability and versatility. Here are a few key features of using UberCart to power your online store”

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Vast library of themes and design templates
  • SEO friendly
  • Generation of automated sales, inventory and products report

Our Services 

UberCart provides users with the option to develop their online store on their own with minimal technical knowledge requirements. However, having your store developed by us gives you an edge over your competitors right from the go by ensuring that your store is designed and developed in a unique way in order to keep visitors engaged and provide an exceptional user experience.

We offer UberCart services based on the following fronts:

  • UberCart custom design & development services
  • UberCart implementation & integration services
  • UberCart SEO services
  • UberCart analytics & research services
  • UberCart support & maintenance services

Custom eCommerce Development Solutions

Custom eCommerce solutions arm eCommerce website owners with custom made plug-ins, modules, templates, themes, etc for their online stores in order to successfully customize the functionality and UX/UI of their stores. While a large number of eCommerce development tools like Magento, Zen Cart, Shopify, Drupal, etc offer their users standard themes, templates and modules, these elements are widely used and pose the risk of your website going unnoticed by visitors. Custom eCommerce solutions help you avoid these pitfalls and further enhance the value and brand image of your business while providing your store with appealing and engaging features.

Custom eCommerce 

eCommerce has become a widely adopted business platform with more and more people flocking to join the bandwagon. As eCommerce has developed, so has the need for custom solutions to its needs. Every business wants its store to reach the top by becoming the number one choice for consumers. However, achieving this coveted position requires a business to be unique, engaging, functional and trustworthy. These are the reasons to adopt custom eCommerce solutions for your business. Here are a few more reasons why opting for customized eCommerce solutions is a good idea for your business:

  • Unique features that heighten visitor interest
  • Beat your competitors via customized features that improve store functionality
  • Drive up conversions and sales
  • Custom plug-ins and modules improve visitor experience

Our Services 

At Keycus, we offer the widest range of services for custom eCommerce development. You will find everything from custom store designs to plug-ins to modules within our services. You may approach us with a requirement and we will get to work engineering the perfect custom solution for your store or you can approach us with an idea of your own that we will develop for you. Irrespective of your needs, we make it our mission to ensure that our clients can boast about having a class-leading eCommerce store, thanks to our services.

Our Custom eCommerce development services are based around the following fronts:

  • Custom template design services
  • Custom module development services
  • Custom plug-in development services
  • Custom store visuals and themes
  • Payment gateway integration

Support & ticketing system services


Redesign Your Magento Store

One of the biggest advantages to using Magento as an eCommerce platform for your online shopping store is the amount of flexibility offered by Magento. If you own and operate a Magento store, chances are you know exactly how fast Magento is growing as an eCommerce platform. While this rate of growth is highly favorable, it does mean that your eCommerce store needs to stay updated constantly to leverage the new features of Magento. The newer versions of Magento provide powerful tools to increase the design appeal of your store to increase its impact on visitors and customers alike.

Magento Store

Your store may provide the very best in terms of services and has a dedicated customer following. However, no business can thrive for long without constantly connecting with new customers and this is precisely why you need to keep the look of your store fresh and updated in accordance with current trends. The need for design updates stems from the customers need for something new every so often, and every successful businessman knows that the key to increased revenue is increased customer satisfaction. Here are a few why redesigning your Magento store will help your business:

  • Leverage the updated features of Magento for enhanced store designs
  • Increased customer mobility demands responsive websites for the mobile platform
  • Revamping your store’s design can decrease website load time
  • A fresh and updated website design leads to increased conversion rates
  • New & updated store design keeps customers engaged

Our Services 

Keycus provides the entire range of Magento redesign services, starting from basic store revamp to custom store designs. Our love for Magento has prompted us to delve very deep into its workings and we are aware of each and every aspect of this powerful eCommerce tool. Furthermore, we understand that in the world of eCommerce, one size does not fit all; our Magento design services are tailored uniquely to match the needs and requirements of our clients project in a satisfactory manner.

We provide Magento store redesign services based on the following fronts:

  • Magento custom store design services
  • Magento Enterprise Edition store design services
  • Magento Go store design services
  • Magento multi store design services

Upgrade Your Magento Store

Despite the powerful and versatile nature of the Magento eCommerce tool, it is a well known fact that Magento takes a while to understand and operate with fluency. This is especially true in cases of upgrades. To newer versions of Magento. Upgrading to the latest versions is a necessary requirement of operating a Magento store as the tool is constantly updated to leverage new technologies and features. While the update may be a bit painstaking and complex, it is sure to be a rewarding step towards increased consumer satisfaction and conversions.

Magento Upgrade Services 

A static website or store no longer holds any appeal to visitors and customers alike. In today’s world of fast-paced changes, people demand constant upgradation in their favourite shopping portals or the owners risk loosing their business. Upgrading your Magento store to the latest version provides several key benefits to an enterprise in terms of not only customer interest and appeal but also long-term revenue generation. Here are a few reasons why upgrading to the latest version is a good idea:

  • Upgradation brings in new features and designs
  • Visitors and customers are kept engaged, increasing retention ratios
  • Upgrades come with new security features for a safer shopping experience
  • Integration of newer modules and extensions

Our Services 

KeyCus makes it easy to fulfill your upgrade requirements with relative ease and ensures a smooth transition from the older version to the newer. We do not take any risks while upgrading your store as we know its value to you.

Our upgradation process goes as follows:

  • First we create a working replica of your store on our staging servers, to ensure that whatever changes are made, do not affect your store.
  • Upon successful upgradation of the staging server store, we will submit it to you for analysis where you will check the website for any functionality or compatibility issues
  • Next, we will upgrade the store replica to the latest or requested version
  • Once you have approved of the changes and are satisfied with the work, we will take the changes to your live site.


Magento Extension and Custom Development

Magento extensions are one of the prime reasons for the high level of scalability offered by the Magento eCommerce platform. As the name suggests, they extend the functionality of Magento by helping store owners optimize their Magento based stores in order to further business scope and consumer satisfaction. These extensions increase the functionality, aesthetic appeal and volatility of the Magento based store that they are applied to. While the Magento open source community provides a wealth of extensions for free, it is still a good idea to develop custom Magento extensions to increase the uniqueness of your store and add specific functionalities to it.

Magento Extension

Given the high scalability levels offered by the Magento eCommerce platform, custom extensions go a long way towards helping online business owners customize their store to pitch-perfection. Apart from injecting higher levels of functionality into your store, custom Magento extensions also do an excellent job of integrating your store with social media platforms for brand building and marketing purposes.

  • Custom extensions for store optimization and uniqueness
  • Custom extensions for increased customer satisfaction and support
  • Add specific functionalities to suit your business needs
  • Extensions can be developed for SEO specific purposes

Our Services

Given the high scalability levels offered by the Magento eCommerce platform, custom extensions go a long way towards helping online business owners customize their store to pitch-perfection. Apart from injecting higher levels of functionality into your store, custom Magento extensions also do an excellent job of integrating your store with social media platforms for brand building and marketing purposes.